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Let Helm elevate your operations with technology solutions that give you a distinct competitive advantage and an outstanding customer/client experience.


Handling the pace and consistency expected of modern businesses requires more than just a can-do attitude and a warehouse. It requires systems backed by technology that encourage efficiency in labor and reduce latency from order placement to shipment. People placing orders expect them to arrive quickly and with 100% accuracy.

Businesses looking to meet the expectations of modern consumers and business partners must look to a best-of-breed WMS (warehouse management system) that is capable of streamlining and expediting their order fulfillment process.

That’s why Helm uses HighJump WMS solutions in combination with other value-add services, like custom websites and payment processing portals. Since no two businesses are alike, each set of services is customized to fit the exact needs of a business client.

Our clients receive customized solutions built to solve their unique challenges in fulfillment and scaling as well as in commerce and product development. We can combine WMS instances with other services including: custom ecommerce websites, funds management systems, payment processing systems, and seamless integrations with any of your existing proprietary systems.

Leverage our industry experience, expertise and innovation, and combine it with our extensive support service relationships in the marketplace to give your business a leading edge.

Benefits of using Helm fulfillment services powered by HighJump include:

Real-Time Order Processing for Quicker Ship Times
Dock-to-Stock Times of Less Than 12 Hours
Optimized Carrier Selection for Lower Shipping Costs
Highly Efficient and Traceable Order Picking
99.99% Order Accuracy
Complete Insight for Supply Chain and Inventory

Helm can create a custom solution using the exact HighJump WMS features you need to deliver on high expectations while keeping your operation lean and agile. These solutions can meet your specific needs for fulfillment or branded merchandise commerce.

Use more efficient order placement, processing and picking systems to get more productivity from your labor, lower costs and reduce the amount of time your orders take to ship. As a result, you ship more items with less cost and less hassle while providing an improved end-recipient experience that goes beyond the box.

Our technology solutions therefore give both a competitive advantage to you and a distinct competitive differentiator for us. In short: Helm and HighJump can transform your business together!

How Helm helps you get more from WMS technology

Helm’s HighJump WMS and value-add systems offer customizable instances that mold to your own preferred practices and systems.We also allow businesses to choose from a number of feature upgrades, including call center integration and BI reporting.

Helm helps businesses program their own custom version of HighJump WMS to optimize and fully integrate their warehouse and fulfillment systems. We also provide consulting on how to make your warehouse and supply chain management more lean and agile than ever. Clients can also choose to opt into our additional value-add services, including custom websites, funds management, payment processing, and proprietary systems integration.

One way we offer improved use of the HighJump WMS is through a “waveless processing” or “dynamic waves” system. By sorting items by carrier cut-off times, promised delivery date, and other factors, orders are shipped in order of priority. This results in more orders received at or below promised fulfillment times while simplifying order processing and allowing for more time spent thanking happy customers compared to making excuses.

The technology we use ties together all of the core service areas Helm offers, such as reducing delivery times for branded retail fixtures or fulfilling orders of branded merchandise to businesses and end-consumers.

Benefits and services Helm offers through its fulfillment technology includes:

Order Processing Customization and Optimization

Make your current ordering system faster, leaner and more accurate than ever. Helm’s solutions streamline order processing and picking while giving you more control and transparency over your operations than ever. Orders get filled more quickly and at a lower cost to you.

Integration with E-Commerce, Merchandising and Other Operations

Make your WMS completely integrated within your operations. Link ecommerce ordering to call center support. Gain transparency into funds management and supply chain management. Redundancy and multiple data centers keeps Business Continuity running no matter what happens.

Accurate, Safe, Secure, Compliant

Improve order accuracy while reducing interruptions and tampering within your supply chain. Maintain privacy and security for all client/customer personal information. Comply with federal, state, and trade regulations using easy audit and alert features.

Business Intelligence

Gain unprecedented insight into your merchandising program with our extensive product, sales and marketing analytic tools and reports designed to help you make smarter decisions and improve relationships with your brand. Access it all anywhere at anytime with mobile browser-based portals.


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By partnering with Helm, you give your brand more strategic advantages to compete and thrive in today’s ever evolving marketplace.

Helm offers a combination of experience, expertise and industry connections you won’t find anywhere else. Our internal capability combined with our extensive supply chain relationships, enable us to design and deliver solutions that perfectly complement your brand.

Furthermore, we take the time to learn about your business, your brand values, the expectations of your customers and the unique challenges you face. After we get to know you, and your brand, Helm will deliver a tailored solution that seamlessly integrates into your existing systems.

The Helm team is committed to delivering complete customer satisfaction at all points and has demonstrated a track record of real, successful results through our long-standing client relationships.  With Helm, you get 100% accountability and reliability, and so do your brand’s most loyal fans.

A premium brand gets premium recognition.

Castrol, a premium motor oil, had an online retail store (eCommerce site) for branded merchandise.

Adjusting a strategy brings rewards.

The Shop Ford Gear website that sells branded apparel and vehicle accessories for the Built Ford

Born of Fire

Chrysler introduced its new advertising tagline, “Imported from Detroit,” with a two-minute commercial during the 2011 Super Bowl.