Helm combines industry-leading capabilities with an extensive supply chain network, third-party logistics (3PL) and a state-of-the-art warehouse management system.


Your business customers see you as infallible, so you need fulfillment capabilities that meet your brand’s lofty reputation. With the right set of fulfillment solutions, you can provide dependable, unfailing service so reliable that perfect fulfillment is the rule, not the exception.

By partnering with Helm services, you gain the benefit of our capabilities, which include:

30,000 sq ft. Warehouse Space w/ 24 Hour Surveillance
ISO 9001:2008 Certified & Lean Certified Black Belts
Experience: 30,000 SKUs & 2 Million Annual Shipments
Advanced Warehouse Management using HighJump WMS Technology
Domestic and International Shipping
End-to-End Services, Including Sourcing, 3PL, Kitting and Assembly

Through these capabilities, you can reduce program costs, increase compliance and adoption among your recipients, achieve supply chain transparency, expand your brand’s supply network and tackle any challenges without having to even think about fulfillment. In the process, you continue to build upon the amazing relationships your brand is known for.

How can Helm make your fulfillment objectives easier and less stressful than ever?

Helm combines decades of experience and industry connections with cutting edge solutions to construct the ideal fulfillment program for your business needs.

We ensure your shipments reach their destination no matter how complex the requirements are. Our services encompass sourcing, picking, packing, kitting and assembly, tracking and program management. Those looking to upgrade their fulfillment programs can also count on our third-party logistics (3PL), supply chain management and warehouse management capabilities.

Gain complete control and oversight over your supply chain using HighJump technology for warehouse management (WMS). We utilize advanced barcoding and tracking services to manage your SKUs, pick the right items for every order and deliver them on-time with 100% accuracy.

Helm specializes in handling complex distribution programs for POS display, retail signage, brochures, merchandise and other business to business fulfillment functions.

We are experts at third party logistics (3PL) for B2B, and we also network with logistics companies from all over the world to provide fulfillment services all across the globe.

Your goods will be delivered on-time, with an accurate order, the exact needed paperwork and zero damage. Our packing and kitting solutions can also make opening your box a branded experience that truly strengthens affinity with franchisees and business clients.

Everything we do is goal-oriented to help you hit your targets and make your mark in a competitive industry.

Our main services include:

Ordering and Fulfillment Services

Craft ordering systems and procedures that reduce your risk of fulfillment errors while lowering costs, increasing delivery speed and gaining a reputation for consistent accuracy and exceptional service.

Branded Experiences That Go Beyond the Box

Showcase your logo visibly both within and without your package, and deliver orders packed in a way that shows you care. We can handle kitting, assembly, and complex shipments for POS and retail display.

Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Our network of professional colleagues can bring you best-fit solutions for sourcing, warehousing, picking, packing, long-term storage distribution and overall fulfillment. We can also handle recall campaigns, returns and more.

Multichannel Fulfillment Management

Have complex B2B or drop-ship programs? Need custom items sourced from one side of the country, decorated in another and shipped elsewhere? Our experience makes it easy to handle complex supply chains with stellar logistics for ecommerce, branded merchandise and other programs.


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Helm values the best training, strict adherence to systems and procedures, and an eye on bigger fulfillment goals that go beyond the box.

We also take the time to learn about your business, your brand values, the expectations of your customers and the unique challenges you face. You can then receive a set of custom-crafted solutions to make fulfillment easier for you to manage than ever, all while building your brand reputation with recipients. You get 100% accountability and reliability, and so do your brand’s biggest fans.

When working with Helm, everything falls into place for both you and those who love your brand.

The Helm team is committed to delivering complete customer satisfaction at all points and has demonstrated a track record of real, successful results through our long-standing client relationships.

A premium brand gets premium recognition.

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Adjusting a strategy brings rewards.

The Shop Ford Gear website that sells branded apparel and vehicle accessories for the Built Ford

Born of Fire

Chrysler introduced its new advertising tagline, “Imported from Detroit,” with a two-minute commercial during the 2011 Super Bowl.